Canoeing before the rain

We have been having weather lately, mainly very big, sudden rains. Yesterday, Reino and I went into Washington state to the Roosevelt Lake area, at Napoleon Bridge. It was still and reflective on the water. Very quiet as well. We saw some Canada geese and small birds. Found a fruited tree, actually several. Very black fruit with a big pit. I have not looked to see what they are, but look like miniature crab apples.

After the paddle, we decided to go to Colville for lunch, but it seems that Tuesday is a closed lunch day so went to Kettle Falls, which is where we started from. Had a nice lunch and then came home. Oh, yeah, lots of rain fell, but we were in the car at that time.

Today, Wednesday, we went up to Nancy Greene Lake which was smooth as glass. Has short paddle around the lake and saw our loons. By the time we got back to the beach, a light wind came up, ruffling the water. Loaded the canoe onto the car and went home. Some rain on the way. It has been raining most days recently so we just decide to do what we can and not obsess.

Washed soap making buckets and cut soap as well and now will label the bars.

Some New Blankets

striped blanket

Handspun yarn for stripes

This blanket is one of a series of three which I recently wove. This one has weft spun from art batts and is more textured and thicker than I usually spin. I really enjoyed spinning this yarn and then using it in a project.  It is warm and drapes well, about 42″ by 88″ large with a fringe.

Mauve blanket

Mauve handspun weft blanket

A mauve blanket using mainly purple handspun yarn as weft. This one is lighter in weight than the other one and after finishing, I discovered that some of the yarn did not shrink so there is a wobble effect. The yarns are lovely, some wool, some with silk as well. A large size, about 45″ by 90″ plus fringes.

random striped blanket

random stripe handspun weft blanket

This blanket in mainly blues, with a bit of pink was woven in a random manner, with no repeats so is different from one end to the other, although it looks as if it is mirrored. I loved how this one turned out. It has a variety of yarns with some smooth, some textured. About 42″ by 88″ plus fringes. This one is currently on display in Fernie, BC at the Arts Station.

Still No Frost

red poppy

A late poppy which brightens up the garden which has gone to sleep

This bright poppy is a lovely surprise in my pansy garden which has ceased blooming. It is our Canadian Thanksgiving and I picked green beans for dinner.  There has been no frost and it is great to eat fresh vegetables. We may often have a killing frost in early September.

Yesterday, Thanksgiving, we went for a walk on a nearby mountain and I took photos for future felting projects, but I also noticed some interesting rock forms.  With some leaves gone, it is fun to see things which usually get missed.

moss horse

A horse composed of moss

black and white rock

black and white rock

Summer 2014

Thistle head with dead bee and white spiderWe spend quite a bit of time in the summer paddling and taking photos. This photo was taken when we landed at Napoleon Bridge near Roosevelt Lake, Washington. The summer was good with wonderful berry picking, pretty good garden and some paddling. We had a bit of company and also visited with family in the early part of the summer. I have been teaching felting classes at the local library and it seems that I am popular so had to teach another class in August to a group of children. It went well but the energy level, on the children’s part was super high and I went home very tired. I made jam and salsa during the summer.

Now, we just went to a couple of Hot Springs to relax and are moving into Fall. Time to change activities.

I was able to weave three lovely blankets with my hand spun yarn which was piling up. I am so happy with the results and still have lots of yarn to work with. I will put some photos up with them on another post.

There is a weekly market in town and I participated most weeks. Not much good economically, but I really enjoyed the ambiance and music and the opportunity to pick up fruits and vegetables which I do not grow.