Warping for blankets

I have started warping for blankets, using some reds and other colours.

I recently wove rugs as requested. They are cotton rags and turned out very well.

I am trying to use up supplies and it is slow going still. I have some help sorting out supplies and that has been useful.

Hence the red warp. I wandered around the house and studio to see what yarn would be suitable to use.

We tried adding photos but seem to be having difficulty.

I will get back to the warping mill.

Large batches of two unscented soaps, one goat, the other regular oils. These are nice lathering soaps.



Pink and green rug of cotton rags, looks like summer

This green rug has some wool accents and is a nice door sized rug.

A blue rug from cotton rag woven as it comes. Would be nice in front of the door or in a hallway













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