Canoeing before the rain

We have been having weather lately, mainly very big, sudden rains. Yesterday, Reino and I went into Washington state to the Roosevelt Lake area, at Napoleon Bridge. It was still and reflective on the water. Very quiet as well. We saw some Canada geese and small birds. Found a fruited tree, actually several. Very black fruit with a big pit. I have not looked to see what they are, but look like miniature crab apples.

After the paddle, we decided to go to Colville for lunch, but it seems that Tuesday is a closed lunch day so went to Kettle Falls, which is where we started from. Had a nice lunch and then came home. Oh, yeah, lots of rain fell, but we were in the car at that time.

Today, Wednesday, we went up to Nancy Greene Lake which was smooth as glass. Has short paddle around the lake and saw our loons. By the time we got back to the beach, a light wind came up, ruffling the water. Loaded the canoe onto the car and went home. Some rain on the way. It has been raining most days recently so we just decide to do what we can and not obsess.

Washed soap making buckets and cut soap as well and now will label the bars.

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