Some New Blankets

striped blanket

Handspun yarn for stripes

This blanket is one of a series of three which I recently wove. This one has weft spun from art batts and is more textured and thicker than I usually spin. I really enjoyed spinning this yarn and then using it in a project.  It is warm and drapes well, about 42″ by 88″ large with a fringe.

Mauve blanket

Mauve handspun weft blanket

A mauve blanket using mainly purple handspun yarn as weft. This one is lighter in weight than the other one and after finishing, I discovered that some of the yarn did not shrink so there is a wobble effect. The yarns are lovely, some wool, some with silk as well. A large size, about 45″ by 90″ plus fringes.

random striped blanket

random stripe handspun weft blanket

This blanket in mainly blues, with a bit of pink was woven in a random manner, with no repeats so is different from one end to the other, although it looks as if it is mirrored. I loved how this one turned out. It has a variety of yarns with some smooth, some textured. About 42″ by 88″ plus fringes. This one is currently on display in Fernie, BC at the Arts Station.

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