Summer 2014

Thistle head with dead bee and white spiderWe spend quite a bit of time in the summer paddling and taking photos. This photo was taken when we landed at Napoleon Bridge near Roosevelt Lake, Washington. The summer was good with wonderful berry picking, pretty good garden and some paddling. We had a bit of company and also visited with family in the early part of the summer. I have been teaching felting classes at the local library and it seems that I am popular so had to teach another class in August to a group of children. It went well but the energy level, on the children’s part was super high and I went home very tired. I made jam and salsa during the summer.

Now, we just went to a couple of Hot Springs to relax and are moving into Fall. Time to change activities.

I was able to weave three lovely blankets with my hand spun yarn which was piling up. I am so happy with the results and still have lots of yarn to work with. I will put some photos up with them on another post.

There is a weekly market in town and I participated most weeks. Not much good economically, but I really enjoyed the ambiance and music and the opportunity to pick up fruits and vegetables which I do not grow.

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