Busy making soap

I have been very busy making soap for the holiday trade and also to get ahead as my shelves have been looking quite bare. I have made 12 batches in the past couple of weeks. I am happy with them and they will be available for sale in a few short weeks. I plan a few more, but will take time off to finish some weaving projects in the works.

The soaps are a mix of lots of lavender, two different tea tree blends, two different always popular rose soaps, two goat milk soaps with peppermint in one and floral scents in the other. The rest are two which are earthy ,one with pumpkin and spice, one which is called Sea Mist and has seaweed and sea salt in it, and a special one with sea buckthorn extract.

I hope to make a peppermint patty with red stripes and an evergreen one, a spice one, perhaps an oatmeal or a honey one or a combination.

On the weaving front, I am working on a basket weave and twill which is going well when I get to it. The other is a long warp for baby wraps and goes well when I sit at the loom. Both are looking good. I have a request to make a blanket for a gift and the colours were chosen yesterday so I need to get onto it.

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