Been away need to do some work

I have been away for some dental work and a bit of relaxation.  We went to two hot pools which we really enjoyed.  Several book stores beckoned to which we succumbed and bought lots of books. One I bought was The Ocean at the end of the Lane by Neil Gaiman and it took a short time to read.  I really enjoyed it and it was a satisfactory and fantastic ending as well. Another is Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver and I have just started it. It is a more challenging read and will take a while to read. Other books were more fiction and I scored a Whitewater Cooks book in a used book store in Lethbridge. A beautiful, inspirational book with good flavours. Maybe I will use some components for lunch. The books have been put onto shelves and not still in a pile on the floor.

While away, I visited my mother as well. We had not been able to get together since May so it was great to visit this 92 year young person, who just happens to be extremely important in my life. She is still doing well, knitting and giving me boxes of items to put into our local thrift store. We mainly chatted and bought a couple of necessities.

Now, it should be back to work, which will be weaving, soap making and face cream manufacture. Later in the week will help our daughter move in with us while she looks for a new place to live.



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