Fibre Week and Floods

I was lucky enough to go to Fibre Week and the HWSDA  conference at Olds from June 20 to June 26 and had trouble getting there and back because of the Calgary and Alberta floods.

It took a lot longer to get to Olds than it usually does and also longer to get home than usual. This was because of not knowing which roads were not open until I got to a place which ended up being closed. Lots of back tracking ensued. I had to drive through Calgary despite not wanting to. I survived the drive and feel as if I were baptised. I think that has to do with the really hard rain as I drove through Calgary. I learned that you keep the car gassed up and if you have a chance to eat to do so as it is impossible to know where the next stop might be.

Sunprinted scarves

Some of the sunprinted scarves I painted in May, 2013.

These scarves were printed in May when we had some nice bright and hot sunny days. I had some nice cotton scarves which needed to be dyed or painted so that is what I did. It gave me some really fun time and used up my paints and scarves as well as making pretty scarves. I really like the results.

sunprinted scarves

Sunprinted scarves painted in May

While in Olds, I took the Twill Weaving workshop with Jane Stafford which was shortened because of the floods, but we worked hard and were able to accomplish the desired results. Jane is a wonderful instructor and her course was so mind expanding. I have some wonderful samples and will be planning new projects.

I just took some scarves off the loom the other day which were woven from Superwash warp in a peach tone. I had spun some buffalo yarn which was enough for weft for two of the scarves. The third one was in the peach Superwash and when finished was lacier than the other two. The buffalo shrunk some and the Superwash did not.  I will have photos for the next post.

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