Hello, again from the beginning

I have been offline for quite awhile due to an administration problem.  I hope to get back into the blog format and to be visible often. Life continues to be busy and I am preparing for a trip to Olds, Alberta for Fibre Week and a twill workshop with Jane Stafford. I am excited to be doing this as she is a great teacher and sharer of information. I took The Delectable Sari a couple of years ago at Maiwa on Granville Island, Vancouver, BC.

I have been busy these past months working for the local libraries, teaching textile workshops such as felting, spinning, and knitting. These have been well received and very successful and I have been asked to continue in the fall. As the time and space is limited, I have to be quite creative in my planning. Felting has been the most popular so is what I will continue with. We did both traditional wet felt workshops and needlefelt workshops.  I took the last class samples to my Guild meeting today. I turned them into little bags, for iPods, change purse or small hand purse. Nice results.

I spent time with my friend who is just learning to weave and wanted help and company at her house. I took my Woolhouse loom to her place and wove several projects. I finished my Horoscope weave from last year’s conference and discovered that it has a wonderful potential as a summer shawl. Then I put on a waffle weave project which I wove off in linen and paper. That was successful as well. Next was a basket weave/twill bookmark project in black warp and space dyed crochet cotton. I was happy with the results of this one. Now, my loom has the warp for the workshop at Olds and is a twill gamp which looks interesting and will give me more ideas. My friend has not been available so I have forged ahead on my own and successfully completed several projects. Now, I need another impetus to finish my baby blankets on a large loom and a lace scarf on a smaller loom. And someone to encourage me to put rugs or blankets on my 60″ loom.

2 thoughts on “Hello, again from the beginning

  1. Just looking at the site. It looks pretty good so far. Testing out the commenting with an address that isn’t in WordPress database.

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